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About Project

Every Bruce Willis has his day for saving the world. Some heroes or the anсient Greece were lucky to fullfill such a mission up to 12 times (not for the evening, sure).

Explosive growth of human population has generated new enemies every of which is dangerous enough. Their names are Overpopulation, Overconsumpion, Pollution of Everithing on the Planet, Global Warming, Biodiversity Reduction and some other lesser fiends.
To cope with such powerfull enemies you can not do without a magic lightsaber of new tecnnologies. And without clear understandind what we all should do to draw all those who still doesn’t belive in reality of Global Warming to the bright side of strength.

Do good wright

"If you're gonna do wrong buddy do wrong right
If you're gonna do wrong buddy do wrong right
You wanna make a little mess, you wanna make a little crime
If you're gonna do wrong better do wrong right"

The Devil Makes Three

All the battles on the Internet about global warming (etc) demand appropiiate armament. And those who can shoot first again and again with a deadly argument are to win.
Anthropocene Community is a voluntory armory company for everyone who is soaked in gunpowder of environmental disputes.
Join us, shoot, bring your catriges too.

It is better to see once (Our Mission)

Both television and in a greater degree Internet changed ability of human beings to percieve information. It’s a brave new Visual Era, brothers and sisters. No walls of text, they don’t work any more among odinary people.
So we came here – to the Infografics.

Good infografics can be very persuasive. But here are some problems with the beautiful facts from the most talented graphics. Reposting infografic as picture very often we don’t know where it came initially from and how fresh are these data. Also a question of reliability of information source matters. What to do?

All we need (besides love) is not much at all:
1. List of reliable sites with infografics.
2. Online data bace of infographics where everyone can find infographics needed by theme, freshness, popularity, raiting of reliablity. With tegs and filters.

We are planning to make all this. Want to help us? Join Anthropocene! Share good news on everything that matters and can help.